Memorials to Kelley have been constructed at the sites of both the new and old Keyser High School. Read more…         In remembrance of Sgt. Ed Kelley, the J. Edward Kelley Society was established at Keyser High School in 1946.  The award is presented to an outstanding male student-athlete in each year’s


Visiting his original grave in Holland. His proper funeral in Keyser.

Kesternich, Modern Day

Visit the modern city of Kesternich and the ruins that have since been rebuilt.

Medal of Honor

Jonah Edward Kelley's Medal of Honor & its history.

All Medals & Awards Earned

All the medals & awards Kelley received during his time in service.

Photos of Jonah Kelley

Pictures of Jonah & his life.

The Battle for Kesternich

The 78th Lighting Division & its history.

Jonah’s Place of Death

Dack's search for Kelley's story & place of death.

Kelley Barracks Army Base

US Army Base, Kelley Barracks, named after Kelley in 1949.